RV Protection

Exterior Shield

Discover the difference eco-friendly products can have
on protecting your RV and your Health!

  • Eliminates 99.9% of microbes and germs that cause bacteria and viruses
  • 24/7 active anti-microbial technology with stain and odor resistance helps prevent future:
    microbes (including mold and mildew) and germs that cause bacteria and viruses,
    bacterial caused odors, and stains.
  • Creates a permanent bond to the interior surfaces, ventilation system & cargo area
  • Safe around adults, children and pets.
  • Qualified as a Hyper-Green solution, non leaching technology (won't rub off)
  • EPA Registered

USA Travel Care

US Adventure RV is a proud provider of US Travel Care Extended Warranties. Travel with confidence with an extended warranty.

  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Toll Free Claims Service
  • Unlimited Number of Claims
  • Corporate Credit Card
  • All You Pay is Your Low Deductible

Tire Guard

The Tire & Wheel Protection Program provides coverage in the event of damage to your tires or wheels as a result of metal, nails, glass, debris, potholes, blowouts, and other road hazards. The Tire & Wheel Protection Program Puts Your Safety First.

  • Repairs or replaces flat tire
  • Repairs or replaces wheel if damaged to the extent the wheel fails to seal with the tire
  • All vehicle tires are covered as long as they have at least 3/32" of tread at the time of damage
  • Covers labor charges including towing, mounting, balancing, valve stems, tire disposal and taxes
  • Additional program Features Eliminate Hassles
  • Toll-free authorization number
  • No deductible
  • No limit on the number of occurrences, mileage or claim benefits
  • Covers replacement tires for the duration of your contract