November 2018 Service Specials

November 2018 Service Specials

Happy November, RVers! Check out what’s new in our Service Department this month.

Battery Service

If you plan on any fall or winter camping this is a must! Our battery service includes:

  • Load Test
  • Fluid Level Check
  • Terminal Cleaning
  • Full Battery Charge


Furnace Service

Clean main burner orifice
Clean/inspect/adjust electrode assembly
Clean blower wheel
Test module board/inspect and clean board contacts
Clean and inspect combustion chamber
Inspect fan motor
Clean and inspect vent tubes and outer



If you haven’t winterized yet, it’s not too late! We’re honoring our October Service Special rates until December 31!

Give our Service Department a call today! (563) 468-4678


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AOC Sales Reps Awarded at First Open House

AOC Sales Reps Awarded at First Open House

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS: On Saturday, October 13, Airstream of Chicago Sales Representatives Bryan Kendall and Amber Koche were recognized as Airstream Master Sales certified. Both representative’s certifications are in Airstream Towables and Airstream Touring Coaches. The duo was awarded certificates and customized aluminum business cards. Airstream representatives Brent Rudd and Steve Hartman were present to award both Kendall and Koche.

“Bryan and Amber are two of only five recipients in the East region of the United States to receive Master Certifications from Airstream in both Towables and Touring Coaches,” President John Dresselhaus of US Adventure RV said. “The fact that Airstream of Chicago has two Sales Representatives achieving this level of success helps position us as one of the nation’s most knowledgeable and experienced Airstream dealerships,”.

Following their awards, Airstream of Chicago hosted their first Open House. Representatives from Internet in Motion, EnerSys, Blue Ox Towing and Dometic hosted educational seminars on various RV topics. A portion of all Airstreams sold during the Open House will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Left to right: Airstream Representative Brent Rudd, Bryan Kendall, Amber Koche and Airstream Representative Steve Hartman
43878579_10156638806918497_1030594878897127424_n (1)
Amber Koche with the Michelsens and their new Tommy Bahama Airstream trailer. $500 from this sale will be donated to St. Jude


Airstream of Chicago, an affiliate of US Adventure RV, is a full-service RV dealership specializing in RV sales, RV rentals, RV consignments and RV service. Located on Route 59 in Naperville between Interstate(s) 80 and 88, we are your exclusive Illinois Airstream dealer and only Five-Rivet Dealer in the Midwest.

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October 2018 Service Specials

October 2018 Service Specials


Happy October, RVers! If you’re getting ready to put your RV in storage for the winter, we have some specials for you!

Mouse Free

While storing your RV, something you can expect if you are not prepared is unwelcome visitors in your RV: Mice! 

If you have been RVing for a while, you have probably dealt with mice before. Discovering damaged electrical wiring and plumbing lines is a major bummer when you bring your RV out of storage. In fact, one in five RV insurance claims is damage caused by a rodent infestation. The problems that mice cause are annoying and invasive, but their presence can also be detrimental to your family’s health.

Rodents like deer mice, which are commonly found in RVs, carry diseases that are easily transmitted to humans. Hantavirus, for example, can cause pulmonary disease, which can be fatal. Handling a deer mouse caught in a trap or cleaning up mouse droppings in your RV can put you at risk of contracting HPS (Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome).

Conventional methods of removing mice usually involve traps or poisons. While these methods can be effective, they are a temporary solution and are often still unsafe to humans (think of handling a mouse on a trap, or all the toxic ingredients in poisons).
The best way to deal with a rodent infestation is to prevent them from ever entering your RV.

Mouse Free is one of the few products on the market that is made specifically for RVs.

Mouse Free’s unique formula stops mice from entering your RV. Its formula is non-toxic, no mess and no drip. A lubricating coat of 100% natural essential oils is applied to the entire undercarriage of your RV, wheel wells and other possible entry points for mice.

Mice have an acute sense of smell. Mouse Free’s natural essential oils are too much for mice to bear, driving them away. The coating also makes it difficult for mice to travel across, physically making it unable for them to get inside your RV.

From now until December 31, bring your motor home or trailer to US Adventure RV and receive our special offer of $10 per foot of application!

For more information on Mouse Free, go to



Winter doesn’t begin until December, but it’s never too early to book your appointment for service at US Adventure RV! We’re offering winterization packages for motorhomes starting at $59.99 and travel trailers/fifth-wheels starting at $39.99. While winterizations can be done at home, it’s best to have your RV professionally serviced to help prevent leaks and other potential hazards. Whether you bring your RV to us or winterize at home, it’s important to remember that if temperatures at or below 32-degrees Fahrenheit, it’s extremely important that you have your RV winterized before storage to prevent future RV repairs. If, for example, the water in your water heater freezes, the ice can cause cracks in the tank, which can lead to costly repairs.

Have more questions about winterizations or Mouse Free?
Give our Service Department a call today! (563) 468-4678

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Open House and Blood Drive Sept. 8

Join us for an open house with a great cause!

US Adventure RV has partnered with the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center for our first blood drive! Come see MVRBC’s new custom donation units designed by US Adventure RV and save a life! ❤️? Help us reach our goal of 10 donations. To sign up, send us an email at

Blood Blog

Plus, be sure to stick around for more open house activities!

RV Cooking Class with Deb Mowers
For first-timers and even experienced RVers, cooking in your RV can be difficult! RV appliances are different than the ones in your kitchen, so it’s important to adjust and learn what works best for cooking inside your rig. Sign up for a quick, 20 minute class with avid RVer Deb Mowers and she will show you how to become an RV cooking connoisseur!

Blue Ox Towing Products
A representative from Blue Ox, a leader in the RV towing industry, will be available to demonstrate products and answer questions on all things towing!

Staying Connected While on the Road
Having difficulties with cell phone or WiFi coverage while on the road? Join Parts and Service Manager Jeff Stoneking for a seminar on how Winegard products can help you never miss a beat!


download (1)

We hope to see you there! 


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Grand National Rally 2018: Photo Gallery

#GNR2018 was a great success for US Adventure RV! We met a lot of great people, reconnected with old customers and enjoyed all this rally has to offer! We look forward to attending next year.


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RV Use to Soar This Summer, Says Go RVing Survey

RV Use to Soar This Summer, Says Go RVing Survey

RESTON, VA.- More than 5.8 million American RV used their RV during the Memorial Day Weekend, according to Go RVing’s 2018 RV Owners Insights survey, conducted by Go RVing, the RV Industry Association, and Inquisium. As the summer travel season shifts into high gear, 92% of RV owners say they expect to use their RVs as much as or more than they did in 2017. A record 25 million people are expected to vacation in an RV this year.

RVers say they’re going to use their RVs to get outdoors and enjoy nature (65%), take more mini-vacations (64%), and spend more quality time with family (50%).

“The RV lifestyle has come to be embraced by a wide cross-section of Americans who work hard and want to enjoy the fruits of their labor,” said Frank Hugelmeyer, president of the RV Industry Association. “RVers enjoy the convenience, comfort and flexibility RVs offer, as well as the savings RVs provide.”

While fuel prices remain unpredictable from year-to-year, 81% of RV owners say this year’s fuel prices will not affect their travel plans. In fact, 80% of survey respondents in this year’s study say RV vacations cost less even when fuel prices are higher, with 77% saying they save 25% or more; and 55% saving 35% or more.

Over the past three years in the US, RV shipments from manufacturers to dealers have spiked to record levels, and consumer purchases from RV dealer lots have risen steadily. According to the survey, recent buyers were motivated by a desire to see America (90%), the travel advantages offered by RVing (83%), and innovative features and designs on new RVs (74%).

Two-thirds of RV owner respondents (67%) said an RV is the “most affordable way to travel.” These findings were echoed by research conducted by CBRE Hotels Advisory, which found savings of 21-64% for a four-person travel party, and 8-53% for a two-person travel party, depending on factors such as the type of RV and the type of vacation.

While 63% of 2018 RV owner respondents cite the “escape of everyday stress and pressure” as a “top benefit of RVing, these same RV owners want to stay connected while on the road — 89% bring their smartphone, 69% their laptop and 62% their tablet PC. The most-used campground amenity is wifi (84%).


RV owners are staying connected and active. Favorite activities include:

Sightseeing: 72%;
Visiting state and national parks: 71%;
Grilling/cookouts: 69%;
Visiting historic sites: 66%;
Hiking: 58%; and
Fishing: 42%.
More than 70% of RVers say they’re more physically active when vacationing in an RV than on other types of vacations, and 81% say their kids are more active.

Another important benefit of RV travel: bringing the family pet. More than 65% bring a four-legged family member on their RV excursions. Dogs dominate at 93% with cats next at 8%. The 101% total means that some RV owners bring both, yet another reason why RV owners love the “controls” that RVs offer.

The Go RVing 2018 RV Owners Insights survey included 562 respondents and has a 4% margin of error.


With offices in Reston, VA and Elkhart, IN, the RV Industry Association is the leading trade voice representing the $50 billion RV industry. RVIA represents approximately 400 manufacturers and component suppliers producing 98 percent of all RVs made in the United States. As owner of the National RV Tradeshow and California RV Show, the association promotes and protects the RV industry and its members by focusing on government affairs, standards development, technical education, networking events, and industry research and trends. In addition, RVIA partners with leading RV dealers to expand the RV lifestyle through the Go RVing advertising and promotional campaign.

Formed in 1994, Go RVing is a partnership between America’s RV manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and campgrounds to provide the public and media with information about the benefits of RV travel, and to cultivate a positive RV experience for all consumers. The multifaceted initiative includes advertising; social media outreach featuring RV owners telling their own stories; “experiential” events sponsorship at concerts music and food festivals, and state fairs; and media relations. The current “AWAY” campaign has helped push RV sales and interest to record highs.


View source version on

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Meet the Masters: US Adventure RV Technicians Offer 50 Years of Experience

At US Adventure RV, we strive to provide the best RV Service possible with the most experienced technicians around. Thanks to Mike Lueth and Jerry Stewart, we proudly offer 50 years of combined experience in our Body Shop.

Mike Leuth and Jerry Stewart
Left: Mike Lueth Right: Jerry Stewart

Mike Lueth is a recent hire at US Adventure RV and joins us from another local RV Body Shop. Lueth has extensive experience in servicing all RV types from pop-up trailers to luxury Class A coaches. He hopes to continue to work on the RV industry’s most trusted brands while getting more experience with others.

“I’ve worked on all RV types from Winnebago, Keystone, and Starcraft. Now that I’m here, I hope that I get the chance to work on more Airstreams,” Lueth said. “The brand has such a great history, and I love the look of them. It brings back memories of driving down the road as a kid and seeing those beautiful aluminum trailers glistening down the highway,”.



Jerry Stewart has been with US Adventure RV for many years and has experience in working on all RV types and all service jobs from a rock chip to major body repair.

“I’ve worked on everything from Mini Coopers to Bentleys and even airplanes,” Stewart said. “Without a question, my favorite project ever was working on an Embraer Phenom 300 jet. That is something I’ll never forget,”.

With Lueth, Stewart and the rest of our Service team, US Adventure RV proudly offers the experience and the expertise to get you and your RV back on the road! We use state-of-the-art equipment like our DuPont Paint Matching System, our 64’ x 18’x 20’ paint booth, Duncan’s RV Damage Estimating System and more. Our team consists of true craftsman who take great pride in their work and are ready to help!





Set up your appointment today!

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Amber Koche and Bryan Kendall Receive Airstream Master Sales Certification

Airstream of Chicago is pleased to announce that Amber Koche and Bryan Kendall have both received Master Sales certification by Airstream.

 Amber and Bryan

Kendall’s Master Sales certification is in Touring Coaches, and Koche’s in Travel Trailers. Due to their efforts, as well as many other Airstream sales representative across North America, Airstream Inc. had the biggest April on record in terms of retail sales.

In recognition of their accomplishments,  both will be awarded a framed certificate, special business cards and commemorative gift from the management team at Airstream.


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Winnebago Launches All-Electric / Zero-Emission Commercial Vehicle Platform

FOREST CITY, IOWA – Winnebago Industries announced the launch of an all-electric/zero-emission commercial vehicle platform through the Company’s Specialty Vehicles Division.










In a press release on Tuesday, the company announced its strategic partnership with Motiv Power Systems, Inc., a U.S. market leader in chassis for medium-duty electric vehicles, for the development and supply of electric-powered chassis. As part of the strategic partnership, Winnebago intends to make a financial investment in Motiv, however the terms of which were not disclosed.

“Winnebago Industries is a company that is focused on creating customer value through innovation and technology,” said Ashis Bhattacharya, Vice President, Strategic Planning and Development, and leader of the Specialty Vehicles Division. “We have a rich history of product and feature innovation, and we are continuously evaluating new and emerging technologies to further that legacy. We believe that all-electric vehicle applications continue to evolve to serve numerous end-user needs and this is our first step as a participant in this space.”

For more than 30 years, Winnebago Industries has been a leading supplier of specialty and custom-built vehicles. Each Winnebago commercial vehicle features an interlocking SuperStructure design, creating a barrier-free interior that allows for maximum customization. Custom options range from alternate entrance door locations to wheelchair lifts and cargo doors. Other integrated systems can include: air-conditioning, generators, solar panels, inverters, power back-up systems, leveling systems, toilets, showers, and plumbing.

The all-electric/zero-emission commercial vehicle is based on a Class A RV platform that utilizes Motiv’s Ford F53 all-electric chassis and will be available in 33 and 38-foot lengths. With a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of up to 26,000 pounds, the vehicle is suited for urban and semi-urban commercial uses such as mobile medical clinics, mobile classrooms and outreach vehicles. Significant road testing has been conducted on the vehicle that houses six to eight batteries and delivers an expected range of 85 to 125 miles on a full charge.

“Motiv’s EPIC all-electric chassis, paired with Winnebago Industries’ highly regarded commercial shell, is the perfect fit for end-users who seek reliable performance and functionality,” said Jim Castelaz, Motiv CEO & Founder. “We are excited to collaborate with Winnebago Industries as we work together to grow the electric commercial vehicle market.”

Read the full press release and get more information here.

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The Nest Has Landed…

Introducing the newest member of the Airstream family; the highly-anticipated Nest!


With its fiberglass shell, the Nest is unlike any other Airstream. Modern, simple and sophisticated, the Nest is designed for today’s modern adventure seeker while still staying true to the Airstream tradition.

The Design Process

Nest Design Process (1)

The concept for the Nest was first developed in 2012 by designer and entrepreneur Robert Johans. With years of experience renovating vintage fiberglass trailers, Johans realized he could conceptualize and build a fiberglass trailer unlike anything on the market. In 2013, automotive designer Bryan Thompson was intrigued by Johans’ design. Thompson, who previously worked with Airstream on the Basecamp trailer, styled the exterior, giving the Nest a sleek flair with panoramic windows inspired by ski goggles.


The Nest Is…

– Semi-monocoque molded fiberglass superstructure
– Hand painted chassis

– Solar pre-wire
– Probeless tank monitoring system

– Hand-crafted Italian Lite-Ply® laminated interior cabinetry
– Fingerprint and stain resistant soft white laminate

– Tuft & Needle adaptive foam mattress (16FB)
– LED interior lighting with Bluetooth control


– Coat and key hooks
– 2 exterior lockable storage compartments

– Power awning
– Custom aluminum entry step



The 2019 Nest offers two floorplans: the 16FB and the 16U.


















It’s Easy Being Green






Airstream is proud to report that the 2019 Nest has received Emerald Status from its TRA Certification.

TRA Certification Incorporated is an independently owned organization that works with RV and modular/manufactured home producers who voluntarily strive to incorporate green practices into their business models. The organization assesses and assigns points to major manufacturing categories common to all RV makers’ facilities, procedures and practices. Within those categories, applicants can earn points in one of many areas such as:

  • Indoor air quality
  • Resource efficiency
  • Water efficiency
  • Energy efficiency


Are You Ready to be a Nester?

Nesters are modern living people who are tech savvy, appreciate smart aesthetics, and are constantly on the lookout for ways to feed their appetite for adventure. They are folks who have refined tastes and like new things, but like Nest itself, are more than happy and eager to get their wheels dirty.

Nest Showroom










Download the Nest brochure, contact our dealership for more information, or stop by our Naperville showroom today!


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