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RV Fractional Lease

Pick Your RV Testimonials Advantages

Use of a new RV every year for the next five years…
for less than the interest charges on a new Motorhome!
Thanks to US Adventure’s Fractional Lease program, this is a reality for a great and growing number of people. No loan payments, no depreciation, no storage hassles, no maintenance responsibilities,… just the knowledge that your RV will be ready to go whenever you need it.

If you are new to the RV experience you will appreciate our thorough training in operations, as well as the 24/7 assistance available for technical questions and roadside assistance. Seasoned owners will appreciate being relieved of the ever present responsibilities associated with ownership.

Perhaps you are unsure of what type of Unit you are interested in purchasing or leasing, or you are simply not yet ready to commit to purchasing a RV: our Fractional Lease offers the opportunity to try a variety of styles and floor plans. Simply take the unit that best matches your need: everyone taking a weekend to go to a race? Block off time in a Class A. Want to take the family to Yellowstone? Take a Class C Motorhome. US Adventure RV’s Fractional Lease allows the flexibility to experience the benefits of multiple styles.

The process is easy:

  1. Select the Fractional Lease that is best for you: How many days do you anticipate using? How may miles? Do you prefer a Gas or Diesel Motorhome? Remember – our programs can be customized to your particular usage, just ask!
  2. Begin planning your trips! Remember, usage is guaranteed even during peak season, and in many cases the units used are available exclusively to Fractional Lease participants: that means that even last-minute trips are possible.
  3. Use the RV of your choice!
    • Let us know what style of RV you want to take, and when you will be going.

    • Show up to pick up the RV at a time convenient to you – preferential scheduling of departure times is automatic with Fractional Lease participants, and early pick-up is available.

    • Return from your trip, and hand off the Unit to the professionals at US Adventure RV. And now, with our Premium Package, you have the option of simply walking away from the RV while we clean the Unit inside and out, dump the holding tanks, and refill the propane for you!

That’s it… no hidden charges, no surprises, no mess, and no putting the RV into storage when you get back!

Apply for RV Financing online with our free secure online credit application or call 877-768-4678 for a free quote today!