Winnebago Touring Coaches and Class Cs for Sale

Winnebago Best Selling Compact Motor Homes

We are an authorized Iowa and Illinois Winnebago and Itasca Motor Home dealer. Winnebago Industries continues to innovate products for the changing recreational vehicle market. This allows us to provide our customers with a great selection of products that will fit their RV lifestyles. The video below created by Winnebago Industries in Forest City, Iowa highlights Winnebago’s compact motor homes for sale.

Winnebago Builds Class C Motor Homes on the Ford Transit, Ford E-Series, Dodge Pro-Master, and Mercedes Benz Chassis

Winnebago’s engineering department uses a variety of chassis manufacturers to build motor homes that fit RVers wants and needs. Each chassis they choose for a product has a unique reason behind it to provide the most value to the end user. Winnebago’s engineering department tests out each product built on a new chassis to ensure that the product will be safe for the customer.

Winnebago Fuse Ford Transit Diesel Motor Home for Sale

Winnebago came out with a new motor home for 2016 called the Winnebago Fuse.  The new Winnebago Fuse will be built on the Ford Transit chassis with two floor plans available. Winnebago is initially rolling out this product with a 5 cylinder 3.2L diesel engine producing 185 HP, but will have other engine options available. Because the Ford Transit chassis is so versatile, the Winnebago Fuse will be available with two wheelbases, three roof heights, and three body lengths. Call 563-468-4678 or visit for availability.

Winnebago Class C Motor Homes built on the Ford E-350 and E-450 Chassis for Sale

Winnebago builds a variety of Class C Motor Homes on the Ford E-Series chassis because of its proven durability and performance. Currently, Winnebago Industries has two product lines utilizing this chassis. The first is the Winnebago Minnie Winnie and it is Winnebago’s best value class C motor home. The Winnebago Minnie Winnie and its Itasca equivalent Itasca Spirit are built on the powerful E-350 chassis. The second is the Winnebago Aspect and it is the high end class c produced by Winnebago. This class c delivers a Class A interior on the powerful Ford E-450 chassis. View Winnebago and Itasca class c motor homes for sale here.  

Winnebago Class B & C Motor Homes built on the Dodge Pro-Master Chassis for Sale

Winnebago builds two motor homes on this Dodge Pro-Master Chassis The first is the Winnebago Travato touring coach and the second is the Winnebago Trend and its counter part Itasca Viva.  This front wheel drive gas motor home averages 14-16 MPH and is available in two functional floor plans. Because of its weight and front wheel drive construction, Winnebago runs this motor home through a crash test similar to the car industry. This chassis is the most popular chassis in Europe. Winnebago and Itasca class B and C motor homes for sale.

Winnebago Class B and C Motor Homes built on the Mercedes Chassis for Sale

Winnebago builds two motor homes on the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis. The first one is the Winnebago ERA. This RV only sleeps two, but is designed to be a high end transport vehicle with all the amenities. This motor home has a 6 Cylinder diesel engine that averages 16-18 MPH. The second is the Winnebago View class c. This motor home is also built on the Mercedes chassis and allows for multiple slide rooms and floor plans.  Winnebago and Itasca class B and C motor homes for sale






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