Christmas in the Camper 2017: How Our Favorite RVers Decorate for Christmas

The online RV world is unlike any other. Collaborative, creative and has a huge emphasis on community versus competition. We love following along and seeing these folks take on one adventure after another!

We recently asked on Instagram how full-time RVers decorate for the holidays. Then, to our pleasant surprise, Katie and Eric from Mountain Modern Life announced their Christmas in the Camper 2017 collaboration with 14 other bloggers! How perfect.

We’ve decided to compile a few of our favorites from #ChristmasInTheCamper2017. Whatever your style or budget, you’ll be inspired!


Mountain Modern Life: Cabin-Inspired Coziness

Instagram: @mountainmodernlife

You’ll want to cozy up with a mug of hot chocolate and fuzzy socks after you see this. Katie and Eric also created a beautiful flocked Christmas tree using sno-flock, self-adhesive snow powder (how awesome!).  Neutral colors, deep greens, and rustic pieces like homemade pillows and a wire basket give off those cabin in the woods vibes. So.Cozy.


Follow Your Detour: Simple & Traditional

Instagram: @follow_your_detour

We’re big fans of Dan and Lindsay’s approach, keeping it simple and traditional! With a mixture of DIY decorations, dollar store and thrift store scores, their décor will make you feel right at home! We also loved Lindsay’s idea of buying festive throw pillows from the thrift store, cleaning them up, and then donating them back after the holidays are over! Genius.

Kermit & Trinity: A Delightful Smorgasbord

Instagram: @kermitandtrinity

One of the best parts of decorating is showing off your personal style! Their self-proclaimed style of “modern, traditional, fun, wacky and cheap” speaks to all of us! This wonderful mix of tons of colors and textures will surely put a smile on your face. With a whopping total of $35 spent, you can’t beat it!

Argosy Odyssey: Going Big

Instagram: @argosyodyssey

Finally, you know what they say, go big or go home! Chad and Cate are those neighbors on your block, and we can’t get enough! Parked on a farm near Grants Pass, Oregon, the couple has decked out their 12 by 10 foot canopy with garland and lights galore. Inside, their 22-foot Airstream is loaded with all kinds of vintage, quirky, and colorful decorations.


Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below! Also, be sure to check out more contributors of Christmas in the Camper 2017!

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Five Tips for First-Time Snowbirds

Similar to our avian friends who fly south for the winter, snowbirds are folks who temporarily move to warmer states like Florida, Texas and Arizona to escape the cold months. Some of these people have a timeshare, stay with family or rent condos. Others like to spend this time of year in their RV! In fact, over one million RVers head south every year!

States in Sun Belt are very accommodating for incoming RV snowbirds. In preparation for migration, here are our top five tips for first-time snowbirds!


1. Decide What Kind of Experience You Want to Have

What are you looking to get out of your extended stay? It’s important to know this before you start your search for an RV resort or a place to boondock. Do you want to relax, enjoy some solitude and peace and quiet? Or are you interested in socializing with fellow RVers, frequenting tourist spots and other activities?

Also consider the climate you desire. States like Florida and Georgia will surely serve up the summer-y heat, but with some humidity. California and Arizona will offer a drier, desert heat but will also cool down quite a bit in the evening.

Once you decide what kind of experience you’re after, it will be easier to decide where to park your rolling home.


2. Preparing Your RV and Tow-Vehicle

This is a must. Nothing ruins the excitement of a trip like being stuck on the side of the road! Some things to consider getting inspected and prepared before you hit the road:

  • Your RV’s tires, breaks and axle bearings
  • Your RV’s air conditioning
  • If you’re using a tow vehicle, also be sure to have the tires, breaks and axle bearings inspected
  • Add tank cleaner to your RV’s waste tanks


 3. Winterize Your Permanent Home

Depending how long you’ll be away, there are certain precautions you should take to ensure your home will be safe and sound while you’re gone. No matter how long your trip is, let a trusted neighbor, friend or family member know that you will be away. Ask them to keep an eye on your home, and maybe even collect your mail for you.

For extended stays, consider shutting off your plumbing, turning down your heat, unplugging unnecessary electronics and even hiring a plow service for all that snow you won’t have to deal with!


 4. Things to Pack

Aside from your typical trip essentials like clothing, toiletries, etc. Here are few things that will help your trip run smoothly:

  • First-aid kit
  • Paper map (include copies of your route)
  • Medical records/prescription information
  • RV and tow vehicle insurance
  • Extra chargers/batteries for all devices
  • Emergency roadside kit
  • Tool kit

Blog Graphics

5. Join Supportive Groups

If you’re looking for some extra guidance on your first snowbird excursion, good news is there are A LOT of resources out there! Facebook features plenty of snowbird discussion groups, and Kampgrounds of America offers a plethora of information on all things RV. There are even tight-knit groups of snowbirds that meet up at specific resorts. A Thousand Trails membership gets you discounted and even free extended stay camping at over 100,000 private RV parks all over North America. If this sounds beneficial to you, consider joining!

If you’re curious about the snowbird lifestyle, there’s a perfect way to see if it’s right for you! Our rental department is currently offering 90-day leases (January-March) on large Class C units, 2,500 miles included! Check out our rental page for more info.


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Naperville Festival of Lights

Parked pic

T’was a chilly December night, and all was extremely bright in downtown Naperville, IL. People lined the streets throughout downtown, and Santa’s beard was extra fluffy. Down the streets, comes a new Airstream Interstate, towing a new 25 footer Flying Cloud, lit up with very simple white rope lights. The eyes of the children light up, and parents gasp in great surprise

“What is that!” exclaims little Susie. “It’s an Ice Cream truck” says Tommy. “No, it’s an Airstream” said Papa Gary with a glow in his eyes. “Merry Christmas!” Steve yells out with a hearty wave and the honk of his horn. The children look on with a look of amazement, as we pull on by, behind us is three Disney princesses, and a giving lady with her therapy dog.

2017 marks another year for the Naperville Festival of lights parade that is put on by the Little Friends organization, however this year, marks the first year Airstream of Chicago has partaken in this event. As previously mentioned, our entry was an Airstream Interstate Motor-coach hauling a 25 foot Flying cloud front bed configuration. Besides the lights, the sides were adorned with advertising for our Gift of Silver Sales Event (going on now, hurry in!) and another first for Airstream of Chicago, a partnership with Bike Bald, a local charity organization that specializes in giving to families and children with terminal illnesses.

Besides our Gift of Silver sales event, we are also teaming up with Bike Bald to put on the Fill the Airstream Toy Drive. From now to December 30th, you can bring any unwrapped toy to our dealership located at 9740 S. Rt. 59, in Naperville, and we will give all donations to Bike Bald to give to children in need. While you’re there, stop on in and take advantage of our Gift of Silver sales event.

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